Saturday, November 27, 2010


Battered but Not Beaten

The world health report - Health systems financing: the path to universal coverage

The Bulletin series: Health systems financing

Does efficient corruption pay?

WHO: 20 to 40 percent of money spent on health wasted, more funds needed to be wasted

Leadership is like dieting
She puts it this way: leadership is about "providing solutions to common problems or offering ideas about how to accomplish collective purposes, or mobilizing the energies of others to follow these courses of action." I'd describe this as creating the focal point for an organization in a multiple equilibrium game. Others might reach for the word "vision", although so many visions have proven mirages that one is suspicious of the word.

India Microcredit Faces Collapse From Defaults

The Instability of Moderation

Interest Bearing Notes November 2010

Why do policy makers care about this graph so much right now?

The Budget Deficit isn't a Math Problem
I once had a dream that I would come to Washington, DC and share my great ideas with the wise men and women in Congress. "Eureka!" they would reply. "Here is a Good Idea!" Time has solved that idealistic illusion. Congress knows the math. They can appreciate the many ways that 1 + 1 =/= 14,750,200,000,000 (the current U.S. GDP). If it were just a math problem, legislators would have solved it years ago. No, the addiction to a budget deficits is a Rules Problem. To solve it, the nation has to change the rules.

The Economist’s Human Potential Event

Follow the Gary Becker Decision Tree

Intelligence Economic Smarts

Winning the Lottery

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