Monday, November 15, 2010

Assorted Reports

2010 Human Development Report

Land, Environment and Climate Change; Challenges, responses and Tools

Urban Land Markets:Economic Concepts and Tools for engaging in Africa

State of the World Population 2010: from conflict and crisis to renewal: generations of change

Measuring the Information Society

Information Economy Report 2010: ICTs, Enterprises and Poverty Alleviation

Economic Diversification in Africa: A Review of Selected Countries

World Economic Outlook : Recovery, Risk and Rebalancing October 2010

Trends in Sustainable Development – Small Island Developing States 2010-2011

2010 World Social Science report

eAtlas of the Millennium Development Goals

Financial Access Report 2010: the state of financial inclusion through the crisis

Charting the progress of the millennium development goals in the Arab Region: a statistical portrait

2010 Global Education Digest

Trade and Development Report 2010: Employment, globalization and development

World Trade Report 2010: Trade in natural resources

Global Employment Trends for Youth 2010

World Investment Report 2010:Investing in a low-carbon economy

Land Inventory in Botswana: Processes and Lessons

Philippines - Study on agribusiness, infrastructure, and logistics for growth in Mindanao : policy note

Poland - Public land and property asset management in Warsaw : strategic opportunities

Afghanistan - Scoping strategic options for development of the Kabul River Basin : a multisectoral decision support system approach

China - Concessionary financing programs for the water and sanitation sector : policy note

Effective discipline with adequate autonomy : the direction for further reform of China's SOE dividend policy

Syrian Arab Republic - Electricity sector strategy note

Niger - Towards an integrated and sustainable pension system

Solomon Islands growth prospects : constraints and policy priorities

Vietnam development report 2010 : modern institutions

Cambodia - Sustaining rapid growth in a challenging environment : country economic memorandum

Tunisia - Development policy review : towards innovation-driven growth

Education, training, and labor market outcomes for youth in Indonesia

Pakistan - City development strategy for Peshawar

Serbia - Right-sizing the government wage bill

Malaysia economic monitor : repositioning for growth

Peru - Rethinking private sector participation in infrastructure

South Africa - Enhancing the effectiveness of government in promoting mcro, small and medium enterprise

Strengthening Caribbean pensions : improving equity and sustainability

Kosovo - Youth in jeopardy : being young, unemployed, and poor in Kosovo - a report on youth employment in Kosovo

Armenia - Public financial management reform priorities

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