Friday, June 25, 2010

Book Recommendation- Uncommon Sense

Uncommon Sense-Economic Insights, from Marriage to Terrorism
Gary S. Becker and Richard A. Posner

The Chapters will give you a flavor;
I. Sex and Population
1. The Sexual Revolution
2. Gay Marriage
3. Polygamy
4. Sex Selection
5. Immigration Reform
6. Putin’s Population Plan

II. Property Rights
7. Kelo and Eminent Domain
8. Pharmaceutical Patents
9. Grokster, File Sharing, and Contributory Infringement
10. Orphan Drugs, Intellectual Property, and Social Welfare
11. Organ Sales
12. Traffic Congestion
13. Privatizing Highways

III. Universities
14. Plagiarism
15. Tenure
16. For-Profit Colleges
17. Ranking Higher Education

IV. Incentives
18. Fat Tax
19. Trans Fats Ban
20. Libertarian Paternalism
21. Chicago and Big Boxes

V. Jobs and Employment
22. Judicial Term Limits
23. Economics of the Revolving Door
24. CEO Compensation
25. Income Inequality
26. Corporate Social Responsibility

VI. Environment and Disasters
27. Tsunami
28. Major Disasters
29. Federalism, Economics, and Katrina
30. Post-Catastrophe Price Gouging
31. Global Warming and Discount Rates
32. Efficient Water Conservation

VII. Crime and Punishment and Terrorism
33. Capital Punishment
34. Doping Athletes
35. Drunk Driving
36.Internet Gambling
37. Preventive War
38. Ethnic Profiling
39. Privatizing Security
40. Antiterrorism Allocations
41. Collective Punishment

VIII. The World
42. Economic and Political Freedom
43. Size of Countries
44. Hamas, Palestine, and Democracy
45. Google in China
46. Economics of National Culture
47. Microfinance and Development
48. World Inequality
49. Foreign Aid

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