Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thoughts for your reflection- Cities and Economic Growth

All throughout history, we’ve thought of heaven as the city on a hill. Done right, a city can be the pinnacle of human civilization. They’re the cathedrals of our era,”- Paul Romer

Global Prosperity Wonkcast;
“…just because something is unfamiliar that doesn’t mean it’s inconceivable or it can’t happen…[T]hink more broadly [about] challenges that look intractable — poverty, the environment, green globalization, an urbanization wave of 3 billion people. If we open up our notion of what’s possible then these intractable problems look like real opportunities that could reshape the globe and change history.”

Romer on Charter Cities

Paul Romer’s Bold New Idea for Charter Cities

Why Humanity Loves, and Needs, Cities;
The figure shows the 25 percent correlation between the logarithms of population density and 2008 gross metropolitan product per capita (using 2000 Census population numbers). Per capita productivity increases by 4 percent as population density rises by 50 percent.
But why does productivity rise with density?

A Tale of Many Cities

Cities Do It Better

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