Monday, January 4, 2010

Which bloggers are attending AEA

Assorted on AEA meetings- will keep updating;

Healthcare Economist;
Joseph Stiglitz will give the keynote address on “Homoeconomicus: The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Economic Theory.”

Of interest to above: The Current Economic Crisis and Lessons for Economic Theory Eastern Economic Journal, forthcoming

Tweedledumb and Tweedledangerous

Can you guess how many Austrian economists made the AEA calendar?

Environmental Economist;
As scientists struggle to predict exactly how global climate change will affect our environment, economists are grappling with another question: How well can humans adapt?

Arnold Kling;
I agree with his view that the housing bubble was caused much more by regulatory failure than monetary policy failure

Harvard’s Feldstein: Economy Might Run Out of Steam in ‘10

Krugman on the State of the Economy

Report from AEA meeting, Part I

A Daddy’s Dream: The AEA Economists Calendar

No to Bernanke

AEA Humor Session

AEA 2010 Papers Tag Cloud: Look Ma, We’re Relevant!

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