Friday, July 9, 2010

Economic Literacy with Cartoons

One way being tried to improve economic literacy in Poland;

Last year, for instance, the "inflation" prize went to a three-page comic strip about a king who was so prodigal when it came to reimbursing dragon-slayers for their services with his daughters' hand in marriage that soon an apple would set you back twelve and a half units of royal female progeny.Presenting economic principles in quirky comic form has clearly struck a chord, especially with children who adore the genre. Economists the world over bemoan their compatriots' dismal grasp of the dismal science. Implemented on a large scale, FOR's idea could help fix that.

Civil Development Forum
Polish Central Bank's Economic Education Portel;
* Distance learning - comprehensive multimedia e-learning courses, accompanied by illustrations, animation clips, and films.
* Teacher's Centre - a service designed for teachers of economics or economics-related subjects at lower and upper secondary schools in Poland. It contains teaching aids in the form of ready-to-use lesson plans, and practical tips on efficient and unconventional methods of conducting lessons.
* Fun - numerous decision-making quizzes, skill-enhancing and strategic games, crossword puzzles, and jigsaws. This part of the portal has been created for those who want to acquire basic information on economics while having fun.
* Knowledge Mines - made of two parts: the Virtual Library, and the glossary of economic terms. The Virtual Library contains electronic versions of academic publications, including the Bank's publications, as well as publications by external institutions co-operating with The glossary features over a thousand entries, explaining the meaning of economic terms.
* News - both business headlines and larger articles and papers, presenting current economic and business issues in an intelligible way.

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