Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A New Game in Town -Predictalot

Predictalot ;
The basic game play is simple: select a prediction type, customize it, and invest points on it. Yet you'll never run out of odds to explore: you can make hundreds of millions of predictions! The odds on each update are continuously based on other players' predictions and the on-court action...

n technical terms, Predictalot is a combinatorial prediction market of the sort academics like Yahoo! and George Mason University professor Robin Hanson have been dreaming about since early in the decade...

With 9.2 quintillion outcomes, Predictalot is to our knowledge the largest prediction market built, testing the limits of what the wisdom of crowds can produce. Predictalot is a game, and we hope it's fun to play. We'd also like to pave the way for serious use of combinatorial prediction market technology.

Markets like Predictalot, WeatherBill, CombineNet, and Internet advertising systems, to name a few, represent the evolution of markets in the digital age, empowering users with extreme customization

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